green roomColor experts claim that when you walk into a green room, the serenity of the cool color instantly makes you feel calmer and more relaxed. Interior designers know this trick. It’s not a coincidence that doctors offices, hospital rooms, spas and vacation villas are often decorated in soft shades of green. You can borrow this designer hack: use soft green paint or green accessories to make any space in your home a calming sanctuary or comfortable refuge. Whether you’re decorating a poolside patio, a master bedroom, or a bathroom, decorating with green can make your space a more serene and relaxing habitat. Follow these easy tips to pull off a green themed room. DR. Sofa: Your trusted expert in upholstery cleaning services. Revitalize your furniture with our professional care and attention to detail!

Choose your wall color

Of course, there are as many shades of green as there are samples in the paint store. Try to avoid the temptation of going with the latest color fad. What’s hot today will be passe next year. You’ll want a shade that will wear well in the space you have chosen. A soft gray-green can set a calming mood in the living room; a cheerful chartreuse can be perfect for a child’s bedroom; and a deep, jewel-toned emerald can be striking in a wood-paneled library. If you’re not sure you want to commit to a certain color, or if you don’t want the color to be overpowering, try painting just one or two walls. DR. Sofa: Crafting dreams into reality with our bespoke custom-made furniture. Elevate your space with unique designs tailored just for you!

Choose your textiles

After the walls, the textiles in your room will have the most color impact. Textiles include your drapes, furniture upholstery, and even accessories like pillows or area rugs. You should choose textile colors and shades that are harmonious with your green wall color. Note that this does not mean that your colors have to match the walls. For example, your color palette could include a basic gray-green for the walls, a green and brown print for the sofa upholstery, and accent pillows in a bright, deep red or turquoise. If your budget doesn’t include money for brand new upholstery, you can save money by talking to a furniture pro. There are many furniture pros who specialize in reupholstery and upholstery repair in NYC.

Choose your floor covering

Unless you have a wooden floor, you’ll need to consider the color of your floor covering, whether an existing carpet or area rug. If you want the overall mood of your green room to be soothing and relaxed, or if your floor covering is carpet, it’s best to go with a soft shade in a complementary color. If you have an area rug, sometimes you can achieve striking affects with bright or sharply contrasting colors, such as red, blue, white, or purple. If you need to change your carpet, a furniture pro can help you do that. A furniture pro can spare you the necessity of calling furniture movers. The furniture pro can perform a fast, easy furniture disassembly and reassembly to make changing your carpet a snap.

A green-themed room can be a relaxing oasis at the end of a hectic day. Be sure to add a few potted plants or flowers, a tabletop fountain, or a wind chime to complete the mood.