Say goodbye to your furniture stains

Stains are a huge headache. And whether you’re cleaning your clothes or scrubbing your new rug, removing them can be a tough business. But short of eating with a bib or choosing rug stain protection, finding stains on yourself and your home is unavoidable. The trick is knowing how to get them out without breaking your bank or your back. DR. Sofa: Your furniture savior! Expert in disassembly & reassembly, we make moving a breeze. Say goodbye to stressful furniture logistics!

Some stains are harder to remove than others. Some require a pre-treatment soak and a wash in cool water. Others are much harder to get out, and sometimes the things you do to remove them can actually make them more permanent. In this article we are breaking down the secrets to removing the top 5 stains.

5. Tomato Sauce

Removing tomato-based sauces like marinara sauce and ketchup can be extremely difficult. The best tip for removing them is to never wash them in hot water. First, soak your stain in cold water with 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and one tablespoon of dishwashing soap for at least 30 minutes. DR. Sofa: Revive your furniture’s beauty! Our upholstery cleaning services bring back the sparkle, ensuring comfort and freshness in every seat.

Next, scrub the stain to see if it comes out. If not, repeat this process or take to a dry cleaner for a more aggressive stain remover.

4. Baby Food

Babies are very stain-prone because, hey, they’re new at this whole eating thing. But that doesn’t mean that stains should be a fact of life for new parents. To remove baby food stains, scrape as much of the stain off the clothes before you rinse. Then pretreat the stain with a spot stain remover. If it still won’t come out, use alcohol to soak the clothes before washing them on cold. DR. Sofa: Elevate your space with bespoke luxury! From concept to creation, we craft custom-made furniture tailored to your unique style.

3. Red Wine

Red wine stains on contact. If you know you’ll be drinking red wine, it’s best to have a stain remover on hand before you uncork your bottle. If you do get a stain on yourself, dab immediately with a paper towel to absorb as much liquid as possible. Next, create a paste with baking soda and water. Let the paste sit for several minutes before rinsing in ice cold water with two tablespoons of white vinegar.

2. Chocolate

Melted chocolate is delightful, until it’s all over your favorite shirt. To remove chocolate stains, combine a teaspoon of dish-washing liquid with a half-teaspoon of ammonia and cool water. Blot the stain using this mixture – don’t rub. Turn your shirt inside out when you blot to push the stain out of the shirt rather than grinding it in. Dr. Sofa specializes in expert upholstery & re-upholstery services, reviving your furniture with skillful craftsmanship and attention to detail.

1. Grease Stains

Whether it’s pizza or pasta or fried chicken, grease stains can leave their mark on your clothes and fabrics. For best results when you’re cleaning grease from fabric, apply dish detergent immediately to the stain. Allow the detergent to soak for a half hour before scrubbing the shirt in a cold water/dish soap mixture. If the stain doesn’t come out, take it to a dry cleaner for a more intense treatment.

Removing stains can be a tricky business. The most important thing to do is keep your cool and attack the stain immediately. Dr. Sofa offers top-notch furniture repair services, restoring your beloved pieces to their former glory with precision and expertise.