The idea of spring cleaning gives you refreshing images of a bright and clean home. It goes beyond regular house cleaning and window cleaning activity. The majority find the process grueling or unenjoyable, to say the least. Looking at the dust and grime build-up in the corners and lesser-noticed areas of the house can leave you frustrated. Divide the task into sections. You do not need to do everything in one day. You can devote an hour each or one weekend for cleaning a section of the room or house. If you don’t hire house cleaning services, consider it as a project you need to complete. Here are four practical tips to help you look forward to your home spring cleaning activity. Dr. Sofa: Crafting comfort for your home desk. Transform your workspace with our ergonomic designs for ultimate relaxation and productivity.

Clean All Fixtures and Upholstery

When you want to start with smaller tasks in between other activities for the day, begin cleaning fixtures. The general rule is to clean from top to bottom. In the bathroom and kitchen, make it a habit to scrub the smaller fixtures such as faucets to avoid collecting soap scum and gunk. In bedrooms and living areas, look up and you see ceiling fixtures that need wiping or dusting. Looking down, you can tackle smaller upholstery pieces that need vacuuming or minor cleaning. Some upholstery pieces, such as will need professional care. Some delicate upholstery pieces and antiques have special cleaning requirements. DrSofa specializes in these services including repairs and reupholstery, if any, are required. Tired of the old look? Check if you feel like revamping your furniture.

Clean the Floors

It’s time for a deep carpet cleaning treatment for your floors and carpets. Depending on the foot traffic, have your carpets professionally cleaned once or twice a year. Spring is the best time is to deep-clean your carpets. With hardwood floors, you may start by spot-cleaning stains and sticky dirt. Use only a dull plastic scraper to remove gummy and sticky stains to avoid damaging the floor surface before wiping and treating the whole area with wax. Wipe tile and concrete flooring with a clean, damp mop. Do not use detergent to avoid damaging the floor surface. Use protective padding between furniture legs and floor. DR. Sofa: Elevate your office with our stylish desks. Designed for productivity and comfort, redefine your workspace with our premium furniture.

Fresh Bedding in all Rooms

The sun outside and the fresh smell of newly flowers and greenery will make you want to give your room a clean scent as well. Wash all bedding, including duvets, washable pillows, mattress protectors, and comforters. Include the other bedroom fabrics such as curtains, if any, in your spring cleaning task. Bring your bed outside for a vacuuming and sunning. If possible, call a professional cleaner to give your mattress a deep clean treatment. Spring is also the perfect time to flip your mattress similar to what cleaners in hotel rooms do. Rotating your mattress will help even it out and it also lengthens its lifespan. DR. Sofa: Maximizing space in studio apartment design. Discover versatile furniture solutions for a functional and stylish living environment.

Deep clean appliances

Spring cleaning will not be complete without deep cleaning the appliances. Basic cleaning of ovens, refrigerators, microwave, dishwashers, and stovetops are regular parts of housekeeping routines. Follow the instruction manuals to see if there are special cleaning instructions. Then proceed as needed. For ovens and dishwashers, you may use vinegar diluted in water. Microwave a cup of diluted white vinegar on high for three minutes, let it stay until steam is gone. Wipe the inside of the oven with a paper towel. With the dishwasher, fill a cup of vinegar, place it in the dishwasher, then turn it on a heavy cycle mode. Wipe the insides after the cycle process is completed.