noteRepairing furniture is an important task as a homeowner. Since every piece of furniture is an important element of the home, close attention and care must be paid since every piece requires something different. Certain couch upholstery may have a specialized cleaning product to remove stains, while various materials in chairs need a special cloth to prevent stains from leaving a permanent mark. Also, the furniture you select has a unique history so the need for consistent maintenance is important. While every humble abode will possess different selections of décor, follow these tips to learn more on repairs and history of your products.

1). Reupholstery Research

To reupholster a sofa, careful research needs to be done, especially since each fabric requires a different method. The couch serves as a centerpiece for a living room since it is the social hub for guests when visiting. Most of these pieces are made of a wide variety of materials which means careful attention must be paid to handle each situation. Ultimately, conduct thorough research to fix holes and stains.

2). Planning out the patio

The terrace is another excellent social center of the house that needs supportive set pieces. This space is perfect for outdoor activities so including wicker furniture would be a great move. Since these chairs and tables are composed of strong cohesive wood, they need little attention for maintenance and can withstand the elements. Transforming spaces with expert precision! DR. Sofa specializes in seamless business furniture installation, ensuring style meets functionality.

3). Keeping leather luxurious

A common misconception is that taking care of leather furniture is a laborious task. The truth of this is that most stains need to be taken care of immediately. For grease stains, a simple cloth can handle the mess while soap or large amounts of water should be avoided.

4). Antiques should stay antiques

When purchasing classic or fashionable furniture, performing some type of maintenance may not be a wise choice. Refurbishing furniture is fine since it can restore a nice gloss but doing a total refinishing can lower the cost value of the piece in case it should be sold. Essentially, the more weathered it may look the better it will be. Revitalize your upholstery with DR. Sofa’s professional cleaning services. Renew, refresh, and restore your furniture to its former glory!

5). A couch was not always a couch

Since the 1900’s, the word for couch has evolved. It used to be called a Chesterfield in the United Kingdom and Canada while the term still remains popular in northern California and other areas to describe this famous furniture.

6). Chair cushion corrections

Typically, chairs require minimum maintenance unless they experience a large amount of damage but the section most prone would be the cushions. This is the simplest form of furniture repair since all a homeowner needs is a sewing kit.

7). Finding furniture

Research carefully where to purchase furniture for your house. Take many facts into consideration such as space and design. Also remember that many stains and damages can be avoided easily but are not always completely damaging. Consider the history of each piece too. Where it came from is important to know since this will be an integral fixture in your home.