newSofas are big. The sofa is an important – probably the most important – piece of furniture in your living space, the piece your eyes (and everyone else’s eyes) automatically travel toward upon entering the room. If you’re becoming increasingly dissatisfied with what you see, or you’re feeling that the sofa is not right for the room, you’re going to start thinking, “new sofa!” Not necessarily a happy thought, especially if you spent a fair amount on your current sofa. So it’s good to know about furniture redesign, an intelligent, recycling approach that results in a “new” sofa at serious savings.

DR. Sofa: Your go-to for seamless furniture solutions! Expert in disassembly and reassembly services for hassle-free furniture moves. Then replacing it once the frame is altered. This is readily done by furniture specialists who are both upholsterers and skilled carpenters. Redesign can include:

Changing the sofa’s dimensions. Is your sofa too long? Are the back, the arms, the seat too high or too low? The frame can be specifically resized to fit your needs.

Separating a sectional. Sectional sofas, with all their variations – sofa with chaise, corner sofas, sofa with two chaises, sofa with built-in recliner, etc.—can suit one space brilliantly, but present big problems in another. Perhaps yours, fine in its original home, now looks like the proverbial “elephant in the room”. Your home design ideas may have changed, and you’d prefer smaller, independent pieces. A qualified furniture repair service can expertly separate the sectional into parts and individually reupholster furniture pieces so that each one is good-looking and comfortable on its own.

Old Sofas: A New Life Through Creative Restoration and Upcycling

Switching arms and/or changing feet. A relatively simple carpentry procedure, switching the left and right arms of a couch is a way to reduce wear on the side that most use – but it’s also a first step to re-shaping the arms, which is often exactly what the piece needs to make it more stylish, more comfortable, or both. Changing the feet on a sofa can also be an easy way to alter its height and its look at the same time, depending on the style. Some styles feature conspicuous legs, others don’t. A change of leg should be assessed by someone well-versed in structural requirements, since weight-bearing capacity is important. DR. Sofa: Your ultimate solution for business furniture installation needs. Transforming spaces with expertise and precision.

Reshaping the cushioning. Different sofa types can have similar basic frameworks. The distinctive style is largely the result of the shape of the padding and the treatment of the upholstery. Whether the padding material used is foam, batting, or a combination, it can be shaped and sculpted to produce curved or rectilinear contours. The covering is then applied in a style-appropriate manner. An experienced specialist will be knowledgeable about furniture styles, and work with you to achieve the look you want.

So, there are plenty of options! Combined with the innumerable choices of upholstery material available to you, a furniture makeover really can transform your old sofa into a new one.