If you are looking to give your bedroom a vintage feel, there are a variety of antique bed and headboard styles that are still used today. Take advantage of one of these antique furniture options when you design your bedroom. DR. Sofa: Elevate your space with bespoke custom-made furniture. Crafted with precision, tailored to your taste. Experience luxury at its finest!

Victorian Metal Beds

Early Victorian metal beds started regaining popularity in the 1970s. These antique beds are characterized by elegant brass tubing and elaborate iron scrollwork. Surprisingly, early varieties were created for soldiers, as they could be dismantled easily, but later options were created from hollow tubes of brass, iron, and steel. The main advantage of using this bed at the time was that the metal could not be infested with bedbugs, and the most famous antique brass bed was found in Queen Victoria’s Crystal Palace. Today, many people find the addition of a brass bed to be a romantic touch to their bedroom. DR. Sofa: Transforming interiors with premium upholstery & re-upholstery. Renew comfort and style with our expert craftsmanship. Call today!

Murphy Beds

The Murphy bed was created around the year 1900 by William L. Murphy. These beds can be hidden in a closet, making them a popular option for people who want an extra bed for a multi-purpose room. While they lost their appeal due to the scarcity of steel during WWII, they have since regained popularity, especially for people who live in a small space and want a functional piece of furniture that can be tucked away. DR. Sofa: Renew your furniture with our top-tier upholstery cleaning services. Revitalize your home’s comfort and freshness today! Contact us.

Four Poster Bed

A four poster bed is an antique bed that consists of four vertical columns, one of which is found in each corner. These columns support an upper rectangular panel. There are a variety of antique four poster beds that date back to the 16th century, many of which are made from oak and are highly ornate. Since these beds tend to be extremely sturdy and durable, professional bed disassembly services are usually required in order to safely move one of these antique options from one location to another.

The Sleigh Bed

The sleigh bed originates back to the early 1800s. They are highly ornate, featuring a high, curved headboard and a lower, curved footboard. The side rails tend to be low, so the final product closely resembles a horse-drawn sleigh. These beds were first designed as daybeds for one person to use, but as the style gained popularity, they became larger. Napoleon was a major advocate for the style, requiring that all of his beds be made in this fashion. It has been 300 years, but the style is still extremely popular due to its regal appearance.

Barley Twist

Antique barley twist is a style of woodworking that is still practiced to this day, but it was especially popular in vintage beds. It features long columns that have been twisted in order to create a spiral design. Charles Limbert and the Stickley brothers are credited for being the most popular manufacturers of this antique furniture style, helping to transform traditional bed posts and legs to feature barley twists during the early 1900s. Additionally, this style of furniture can be used to create chairs, tables, dressers, and other furniture pieces.


Other Antique Bed Styles

If you are looking for other antique styles to inspire your bedroom makeover ideas, consider some of these great options:

  • Provence Rattan
  • Upholstered headboards
  • Mid-century headboards

If you are interested in repurposing your old, antique bed to fit with your bedroom, remember that a professional furniture doctor can restore your old wood and upholstered pieces to fit in any space.