As nature makes way to the explosion of bright and fresh hues, you will want spring home colors as well. Many home interior design professionals draw inspiration from the display set by nature incorporated with stylistic details characterized by brighter and cleaner palettes. Your choice of colors greatly depends on your personal style and activities. Some will want an understated ambiance while other prefer an energizing vibe to welcome spring. Check out three great ways you can update your home to celebrate the beauty of spring. Perhaps your interior home design is begging for a change. Why not try these tips? DR. Sofa: Elevate your workspace with our sleek, ergonomic office desks in timeless white. Transform your office into a haven of productivity!

spring colors

Color Trends for Spring Home Colors

Year after year many home trends follow some popular color palettes. Aside from the common beige and white wall painting prevalent in many homes due to its neutrality, why not add one accent color wall. Bring the sun indoors by painting one wall in a natural yellow shade. Go botanical with an accent wall of green. How about the cool but active color or blue to bring in the color of the sky and the sea indoors? Create a cozy look by using rust colors in a complementary palette. You may also consider using the Pantone color of the year on your accent wall paint or on your upholstery. Aiming for a minimalist interior home design? Washed pastels in greens, pinks, and neutrals are trendy in 2018. It implies spring as a season for recharging and mindful living. If you wish to border on the playful side, Try using vibrant colors such as yellow or lime. DR. Sofa: Discover comfort and style with our sophisticated black office chairs. Enhance your workspace with ergonomic design and sleek aesthetics!


In spring, various inspirations for house interior design are all over the place. If you want an instant update, place a new rug in bright colors in your main living room or dining area. This will instantly change the mood of any room. In your bedroom, try placing a custom headboard with a new fabric or upholstery to totally revamp the look of your slumber area. Check if your statement furniture pieces need reupholstery. Spring is a good time to consider changing the color of your favorite chair or stool. If your space is small, look up and see what accessories you can update. Perhaps your room may need a unique lighting fixture to draw the attention upwards. DR. Sofa: Redefine office comfort with our range of plush chairs. Elevate your workspace with ergonomic designs for unparalleled support and style!

Complimentary Colors

Spring comes with an array of colors, and the ones that represent the environment well are in the shades of green, floras, fruit colors. It does not necessarily mean that your house should look like a nursery. Choose a color palette that works with the available wall paint colors or furniture colors you have at home unless you plan on a major renovation. Most homes that have beige or white walls can change the color palette just by changing or adding accessories here and there in complimentary colors. When planning the color palette of your room, approach it as a whole. Think of your space as an entire scene where you have a focal point, such as a couch or an accent furniture. Other design elements will play a supporting role. The focal point carries the main color while the rest will be the complimenting colors within the color spectrum. Check out some painting ideas from magazines and websites to help you plan your spring home colors.