living_room_indoor_quality_picture_167574You’ve probably heard that you get what you pay for, whether you’re discussing airline fare, professional salon hair care, or home cleaning services. The same tends to be true for the furniture in our personal and professional spaces—and anyone who has spent months slumped in a cheap, uncomfortable office chair knows this all too well. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you need to spend a fortune on couches, chairs, and a bed. We’re just emphasizing the importance of living your life on well-designed furniture that won’t give you a recurring backache or neck pain. Stay comfortable with our great suggestions. Dr. Sofa: Your go-to Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly Service. Professional, efficient, and hassle-free solutions for your furnishing needs!

Try Before You Buy

What’s more annoying than making a major furniture purchase, getting the piece into your living space, and finding out days or weeks later that you hate it? In our opinion, there isn’t much! This is why it’s extremely helpful to be sure before you commit. If you’ve found a sofa or reclining chair that you absolutely love, look up the name and model or style number online and read consumer reviews—how long did the cushions remain firm and supportive? Was the piece still pleasant to sit on six months, two years, and five years after purchase? What’s the seller’s warranty policy like? And, when you’re visiting family or friends, be sure to ask them about any new pieces you might notice and admire in the living room or guest bedroom. Nothing’s more helpful and informative than a personal review from someone you trust. Dr. Sofa: Your trusted Upholstery Cleaning Services expert. Revitalize your furniture with our professional care and attention to detail!

Make Furniture Work for You

When you’re choosing furniture for your home, remember that you aren’t nearly as limited by measurements if you work with an expert furniture repair and moving company. For instance, let’s say you’ve found a comfortable sofa you just love and know it would fit perfectly against the wall opposite your flat screen TV and entertainment unit—but its measurements suggest that it won’t fit through your front door. Oh well—not everything in life works out, so you may as well move on and keep looking, right? Think again! When you engage top-rated couch disassembly professionals, you can trust them to fit the piece into your space easily. Similarly, if you’ve found a couch that feels supportive and firm, but you really hate the fabric, a professional reupholstering treatment will help it to match your personal taste perfectly.

Life is WAY too short to watch TV, read, nap, and entertain guests on a lumpy or stiff couch—plus, you’ll be sorry when you try to get up to refill your glass or find the remote! So keep your standards high, and don’t settle for furniture that looks or feels wrong. Find pieces you really love that are built to last, and if you live in a tight space, collaborate with professional experts to make it all work. If you’re looking for great furniture movers in NYC or another major city known for its narrow hallways and stairwells, be sure to ask questions about sofa disassembly and reassembly options before you make a decision.