Messy-children-300x199Don’t let your children’s messy habits detract from your furniture quality.

We all love our children, but sometimes they can just get out of hand. Children make messes. They spill their foods, they soil their diapers, they grab markers that you thought you put high enough on the shelf so that they wouldn’t be able to reach them…in short, your furniture will definitely receive the brunt of your children’s messes. And while this will definitely give your furniture a “lived in” look, sometimes we just want our couches, tables, and chairs to maintain that crisp, brand-new look they came with for as long as possible.

There are definitely ways to improve and preserve the appearance of your furniture without giving your children ridiculously strict rules such as “never use markers in this house” or “no eating food in this house.” DR. Sofa: Your expert in furniture repair! From sofa springs to upholstery tears, we’ll revive your beloved pieces with care and precision.

Caring for Your Family and Furniture: Essential Tips for a Harmonious Home

The first thing you can do is renew your old furniture. Before we can protect our beloved sofas, tables, and chairs, we want them in as good a condition as possible. This means fixing up our old, sagging couch that the kids have jumped on one too many times; smoothing out the aged table’s complexion that got destroyed by your children’s latest scissor-and-marker art project; or replacing the broken chair legs that got knocked in when your son was practicing his karate.

Don’t let the expense of re-upholstery deter you. Leather couch repair services can transform your spaghetti-stained couch back to tip-top condition. This provides a much cheaper alternative to buying an entirely new piece of furniture that can get just as many damages as your old ones.

Once you have a repainted, repaired, and reupholstered, your couch and other furniture, you can now begin the process of protecting it against your little one’s messy habits and behaviors. This will let you enjoy the furniture that you invested in for as long as possible. Besides, it is impractical to follow your kids around with a bucket of soapy suds and a scrub brush to remove all their furniture wear-and-tear as it happens. The first thing you must do is accept that children will get your couches and chairs dirty—messes are as much a part of them as cleaning them up is a part of you.

Balancing Act: Nurturing Your Family and Protecting Your Furniture for Longevity

Next, consider purchasing a custom slipcover hypostyle that hugs your furniture in a clear wrap, which will protect your furniture from spills. The best part of these slipcovers is any food, drinks, glue, or paint that lands on it can be wiped right off. Forget those mini heart attacks you get as you watch your child’s chocolate milk drip off the table onto your fresh, upholstered chair. No longer will you need to scream and run for your stain remover when your child decides to finger paint on the couch. A slipcover removes both the extra stress of furniture upkeep from your life and the actual mess itself from your furniture.

Maintaining a family can be hard, but maintaining your furniture doesn’t have to be. There are many ways you can keep your furniture looking as good as new in the rooms your children love to be themselves in. DR. Sofa crafts bespoke furniture tailored to your style & space. Elevate your home with our custom-made creations, designed just for you.