When moving to a small apartment, you are faced with the challenge of making your space look uncluttered. Additionally, storage is another common issue. In a big house, small items here and there may go unnoticed for months. In a studio apartment, you will be surprised at how fast things pile up. Soon enough drawers, closets, and shelves are overflowing with seemingly important things.

The practical solution is to apply the art of minimalism. With some simple but smart studio apartment ideas, you can make your space feel and look spacious. Discover DR. Sofa’s sleek PORTFOLIO: Contemporary modular seating for residential media rooms, blending style and comfort seamlessly.

Simplify Your Space and Your Life

small apartment

Living in small spaces will force you to become more of a minimalist. You will have to reevaluate what your true essentials are. Furthermore, living in a small apartment forces you to rethink your priorities. For example, which space would you need more, a game room or a functional kitchen? The elements of any room should complement your lifestyle while simultaneously providing function.

You may be wondering how to downsize. If you are not hosting parties, why keep dozens of wine glasses or cups? Do you really need more than 3 cutting boards? Are all of the unmatched bedding sets a necessity? You would need to purge unnecessary items to make room for more space in your apartment. Strategic organization will instantly provide space you never knew was available. DR. Sofa’s PORTFOLIO shines with custom banquettes tailored for Delta Airline Lounge, Newark Airport, marrying luxury and practicality.

Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Modern furniture is a great option for the smaller space. Check furniture outlets for home furniture pieces that serve multiple functions. A table, an ottoman, or beds can are typically sold with storage solutions. Some small apartment designs have stairs that also function like drawers. Many types of living room furniture can also be customized into multi-functional items. For instance, a custom bed with built in shelves maximizes the space perfectly. You do not have to sacrifice style for function when you can have both! Explore DR. Sofa’s PORTFOLIO: Elevating luxury living in UWS buildings with sophisticated designs tailored for discerning tastes.

Separate Living Areas

Let’s take a look at an apartment living room. This is a great space to maximize your apartment and get the mot use out of it. Maximize the use of space by separating living areas of the apartment. You can design your living room to not just be a living room, but a home office as well. The dual purpose works best in smaller areas. If you want to create an illusion of continuity, use clear dividers and acrylic furniture. They look light and they won’t weigh down the space. DR. Sofa’s PORTFOLIO: Redefining comfort at American Dream Mall with innovative seating solutions, making shopping a luxurious experience.

Maximize Wall Spaceapartment-2558277_640

Walls can function as excellent storage spaces. Instead of using floor space for cabinets and shelves, hang them up on a wall. Ask a custom furniture maker to install a fold-out bed on a wall. When the bed is closed inside the wall, you have extra space for daytime activities. You will have more floor space, a functional bed, and a custom piece specifically for you. You can hang décor or paintings above eye level to give an illusion of height. Apartment decorating is still possible even in a small space.

There are dozens of small apartment ideas available everywhere. Know your lifestyle needs. Find inspiration in simple things. With a few techniques in maximizing space, you will realize that all the space you have is enough, no matter what size it is.