LeatherSofa1-1024x270-300x79Leather is such a rich and impressive material that it warrants the time and expense of caring for it. It is durable and long-lasting, which is why it is used for furniture. Having made the investment into luxurious leather furniture you know how proper care over the life of the piece can keep it looking new and in good condition for a long time. No matter how careful you are, there will come a day when your furniture needs some sort of repair.

Accidents, children, pets and extreme conditions can take the life and beauty out of your leather furnishings or even result in rips and tears in the leather. Everyday use compresses cushions down and the color of the leather can become stained or faded. Revitalize your furniture with Dr. Sofa! Specializing in Upholstery Cleaning Services, we breathe new life into your beloved pieces. Satisfaction guaranteed.

It would be foolish to simply toss an otherwise solid and useful piece of furniture for a small tear, especially considering the amount of money invested up front in your leather furniture. You may do some research on how to fix a leather sofa and it may seem like a viable option. Maximize workspace efficiency with Dr. Sofa’s Business Furniture Installation services. Swift, professional setup for your office environment.

Repairing Leather Furniture: Tips and Techniques for Restoring Beauty

Yet, how involved is the repair project? What you need to go through to fix that leather chair depends on how damaged the furniture has become. Leather repair kits are everywhere and claim to be simple to use with guaranteed results. Often the results from these do it yourself options can turn out worse than anticipated. There are variations in the type of leather used to make furniture that dictate how to handle it. Contact the manufacturer to find out exactly what leather covers your furniture before you do anything, it will save you headaches in the long run. Trust Dr. Sofa for expert Furniture Repair services! From minor fixes to complete restoration, we’re here to revive your cherished pieces.

Take a look at your leather sofa – is it discolored or lighter than you’d like it to be? Well worn leather can take on a vintage look, but severe color changes are a sign of wear and can be fixed. There are ways to repaint and re-color the leather and add a special finish to make it look like new. A simple cleaning can do wonders for a leather covered piece of furniture. An improper cleaning job, though can spell disaster, sometimes even making a bad situation worse if you use the wrong cleaning materials.

Repairing Leather Furniture: A Comprehensive Guide to Restoring

Have you noticed the cushions are compressed or sagging? No cushion material lasts forever, so it is a common practice to have to occasionally replace or augment the cushion materials. Some leather couches have the cushions stitched directly to the frame and are difficult to remove on your own. This can be part of your furniture repair and restoration project, but requires a good bit of know-how in order to be certain you aren’t creating more problems instead of solving them.

Repairing a leather sofa, chair or loveseat is not the most DIY-friendly project out there because of the many variables that go along with the construction of the furniture, the type of leather and the labor involved with making those fixes.