We love our pets but not the hair they leave around the house.

You love your dog. You accept him in spite of his faults. Maybe he isn’t the world champion of fetch, or the best listener, but you know that he loves you unconditionally and you want to return the favor. So throwing him off your sofa just because he sheds is not an option you’d consider. Is there anything else you can do to keep your place looking nice besides resigning Fido to the floor? Yes! It turns out; the type of furniture you choose, and the services at your disposal (like furniture repair) make all the difference. If you have a shedding problem in your home, check out your options:

Invest in a Leather Sofa

If you want your home to look beautiful and still be protected from fur, a leather sofa is the way to go. Sure, you’ll still be cleaning fur from the sofa, but the great thing about a leather couch is that you can simply wipe away the mess. Fur won’t cling to or get trapped in a leather sofa like it so often does in a fabric sofa.

Don’t invest if: Your dog has a chewing problem as well as a shedding problem. DR. Sofa: Your trusted furniture disassembly & reassembly service. We make moving easy, ensuring your furniture fits through any door or hallway!

Consider Microfiber

If leather won’t do the trick in your home, consider investing in a microfiber sofa. Generally, these are much cheaper and so you won’t be as upset if your pet decides to go on a chewing spree. Like leather, microfiber makes for an easy clean up, so fur won’t be trapped in your cushions.

Don’t go Microfiber if: you want your home to feel luxurious. Microfiber sofas can be beautiful, but they’re built more for function than form. DR. Sofa: Your go-to for upholstery cleaning services! Revive your furniture with our expert care, ensuring a fresh and clean look every time.

Know Your Furniture Repairman

Have a pet that sheds or chews? You should also have the number to a furniture repairman… on speed dial. If you don’t want to invest in a new sofa, you actually have a few options. Consider having your sofa reupholstered with a different fabric that either won’t trap or won’t show the shed as much as your existing sofa. Rather than investing in a brand new leather sofa, you can always reuse your old one with a leather reupholster.

If your furniture has incurred pet-related damage, a furniture repairman can fix most of the problems your sofa experienced. Surface problems like stains, chew marks and tears can be fixed. Even surface damage to leather sofas can be repaired if you know a leather repair company. DR. Sofa crafts custom-made furniture tailored to your style. Transform your space with our unique designs, expertly crafted for your comfort.

No matter the damage your sofa has been through, no matter the behavioral or physical issue your pet is inflicting on your fine home furnishings, there is a solution in your budget and in your area.

If you and Fido are already a happy family, you don’t have to suffer with his shedding. Changing your furniture can help you and your pooch to live in peace in your home. It makes entertaining, cleaning, and even just relaxing easier when you don’t have to stress about fur on the furniture. DR. Sofa specializes in upholstery & re-upholstery services, restoring your furniture to its former glory. Trust us to renew and refresh your pieces!