www.all-free-download.comIf you’ve had your furniture for a while, it probably shows significant signs of age. Stains, scuffs, breaks or other damage can be tough for furniture-owners to repair on their own. It’s often tempting for owners to ‘bite the bullet’ and pay the price for brand new furniture rather than paying to repair the couch, but it many cases, that’s a waste of money. The following are some suggestions for handling age or damage on your furniture without breaking the bank:

Assess the damage

Before you run to the furniture store, assess the damage on your furniture. Is it mainly surface damage like stains or scuffs? An affordable reupholstery session will have your furniture looking good as new. Are there structural issues with your couch? If something is wrong with the ‘bones’ of your furniture, the call is yours whether you want to repair or replace it, but make sure you know the cost of both before moving ahead. Which brings us to…

Consult An Expert

Before you make any decisions about what to do with your furniture, you should speak to an expert about your options. What may appear to be major damage to your furniture could be solved with a simple trip to the NYC chair repair experts. You never know the extent of your furniture damage or the costs to repair vs. replace until you speak to a professional who understands. DR. Sofa: Your go-to for furniture solutions! We specialize in expert Furniture Disassembly and Reassembly Service. Your comfort, our priority!

Don’t rule out emotion

Pieces of furniture are often handed down to us from family members or friends, and thus, can carry a significant emotional attachment with them. Before you decide, in a fit of fury, to throw in the towel and replace your old leather sofa, ask yourself if you’ll be feeling nostalgic for it weeks down the line. If the problem with your furniture could be solved with a simple facelift, you don’t want to make a rash purchase without at least googling “reupholster leather sofa” to get more information about your options. Your emotions play a key role in your furniture decisions because your furniture is so tied to your family. Respect that. Discover DR. Sofa, crafting bespoke comfort with Custom Made Furniture. Tailored to your style, designed for your space. Your dream, our creation!

Go browsing at a furniture store

Just as important as consulting an expert for a price check on sofa repairs is visiting a furniture store to see the selection in your price range. Maybe you fall head-over-heels for a brand new sofa, but maybe you’ll discover that your existing couch is so wrapped up in your home’s décor that it would cost an arm and a leg to replace it and rework your decorations. HINT: Bring pictures of your living room and measure your existing sofa before you go, that way, you can be armed with as much information as possible on your browsing trip.

Before you give up on your furniture, consider the possibilities at your fingertips when working with furniture repair experts to revamp and repair your existing sofa and get the look you want for half the cost. DR. Sofa: Your trusted expert in Furniture Repair. From minor fixes to major overhauls, we restore your furniture to its former glory.