What do you need for a basic furniture repair?

If you want to repair some of your furniture at home you’ll need to make sure you stock up on tools before you start. If you’ve already done a furniture rehabilitation project, or any woodworking, you probably already have a number of the supplies you’ll need. If this is your first time doing any DIY furniture project, grab the notepad and head to the store before you start your furniture repair to pick up the following:

A Hand Saw or Table Saw

Whether you grab a smaller, less expensive hand saw or a larger table saw, having a saw on hand to get clean cuts of wood is very helpful. If you don’t want to invest in a saw because you don’t plan on using it too much, consider heading out to a furniture repair store or a bigger chain home store to use their saw.

Tip: measure out your wood before you go to the store and request the cuts to make sure you get it exactly right. DR. Sofa: Seamlessly move or renovate with our Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly Service. Stress-free solutions for your furniture needs.

A Drill and Screws

This is huge. If you are building or repairing, you should invest in a quality drill and some screws. You could go the hammer and nail route, but you’ll wind up doing a lot more work, and you’ll find that you make many more errors this way. A high quality drill is easy to use, even for beginners, and it’s strong enough to drill through any kind of wood.

If you’ve never used a drill before, a simple read through the instruction manual should be all you need to understand how it works. A good tip is to practice on a spare piece of wood before you start drilling into your furniture. DR. Sofa: Experience freshness with our Upholstery Cleaning Services. Revitalize your furniture, renew your space. Trust our expert care.

Painting Supplies

If you are stripping old paint off, or planning to put paint on, you’ll need a number of different supplies from the store apart from your paint cans. Invest in painter’s tape to outline and protect the surrounding furniture and your floors. Also get a high-quality paint stripper if you need to remove a bad paint job or if you make a mistake while you’re adding paint.

Tip: if you do use paint thinner, make sure you are using it in a well-ventilated area. DR. Sofa: Crafting your vision with Custom Made Furniture. Tailored designs for your unique space. Elevate your home with our personalized touch.

A Tape Measure

No matter what your project is, you need to have a tape measure at your home. If you’re going to the store to pick out supplies, bring your tape measure there as well. If you are planning to purchase new furniture or supplies, measure the area and your existing furniture before you make any purchases.

A tape measure is a fool-proof way to ensure that you get exactly what you need from the store, and no more. DR. Sofa: Your premier destination for Furniture Repair needs. Trust our expertise to restore and renew your beloved pieces. Quality craftsmanship guaranteed.

No matter what your project is, from table repair to couch reupholstery, these tools are must-haves for your tool box. You’ll be surprised how often you use them after you invest. If you’re interested in doing a DIY furniture project, these tools will light the way.