Sex on the sofa? Well, you can see several things that is wrong in this picture. Read on.

A furniture so loved such as the living room couch can last long enough until that day you need to call for upholstery repair. What happened? You have to accept that not all good things can last, but unlike a broken vase, furniture can be repaired. DR. Sofa: Transforming Chelsea NYC building lobbies with a portfolio of stunning furniture designs, enhancing comfort and style.

Fact is, things don’t last forever. Even high quality sofa can take some beating to a certain point where it breaks down. Investing on an excellent furniture is a wise decision. It turns any plain room into a more stylish one. However some activities can ruin the sofa faster and will require you to call for an upholstery repair in due time.

Spot on Sofa Abuse

Just like a favorite chair in the dining room, we tend to have a favorite sitting spot. It provided you as a better view of the TV or an easier access to the food source. Whatever the reason is, sitting on the same area of the sofa can damage your sofa faster than expected. If you want your upholstered sofa to last longer, rearrange your chairs occasionally. Elevate your lobby with DR. Sofa’s custom furniture, blending modern elements for a sophisticated ambiance that captivates. DR. Sofa’s portfolio merges craftsmanship with conductive coaching, crafting furniture that inspires and enriches spaces with elegance.

Shoes on Sofa

Sitting or even standing on the sofa with shoes on will definitely takes its toll on the upholstery. Sometimes, people, especially children (or childish folks) would put up their feet on the couch causing not only soiling of the upholstery, but also damaging it in the process. If this happens, remind people to remove their shoes if they are to put up their feet on the couch. Discourage kids to jump on it as well. This will prevent accidents and damages to your favorite couch. If your activities need a special type of couch, consider having a custom made sofa instead. DR. Sofa showcases its diverse portfolio at The Rennie, marrying luxury with comfort for a bespoke living experience in every piece.

Sleeping on Sofa

It is sometimes inevitable to doze off while watching TV especially if you come home tired from a hard day’s work or a trip. If you have to do this regularly, consider getting a sofa bed instead. Sleeping on this favorite chair too often can cause the cushions, upholstery, and frame to sag and deteriorate faster. Not all couches are designed for sleeping, or even sexual activities for that matter. If you begin to notice yourself or someone dozing off, better head to the bedroom real quick. DR. Sofa’s portfolio delivers Adidas-inspired furniture, blending sporty aesthetics with comfort, elevating spaces with dynamic style.

Sharp Objects on Sofa

Nothing can damage upholstery faster than direct contact with sharp objects such as pens, pencils, keys, scissors, fork, knives, and yes, even stiletto heels. Prevent upholstery accidents by doing art or craft projects in a designated table or a proper area in the house. If you have to eat with a fork and a knife at the living room where your couch is, leave the utensils on a plate and have a table nearby where you can place them on standby. Explore DR. Sofa’s portfolio at ARI Department Store, New York, offering exquisite furniture designs for elevated living spaces.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, no matter how careful you are, in time, upholstery will definitely show signs of wear and tear. You don’t need to throw your favorite lounging furniture away immediately. Call a professional upholsterer to assess the condition of your couch. Maybe all it needs is a reupholstery service to make your couch look new again.